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Kerala Beach

Top 10 Beaches in Kerala

Walking on the golden sand of Kerala’s pristine beaches is enough to free anyone’s heart from all the worries. Kerala, the southernmost state of India, has been on the top of all the beach holiday destinations and rightly so, since its scenic coast lined by swaying palm trees makes it a beach heaven. Whether it is Alleppey, Cherai, Marari, or Kollam, every single beach of Kerala refreshes the mind and senses with its serenity. So, if you are planning a vacation to Kerala and wondering where to find solace, we have got a list of top 10 beaches in Kerala for you. Have a look!

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey Beach Kerala

Also known as Alappuzha Beach, the Alleppey Beach is a perfect combination of natural beauty and festivities since this beautiful beach is a venue to the famous Alappuzha beach festival and the sand art festival. There is an old lighthouse near the beach and a 150 years old pier that add more to its fascination in the tourists.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach Kerala

The crescent shaped beach of Kovalam offers plenty of activities such as swimming, kayaking, and boating. Some interesting cultural programs are also held on the beach. Located 13 kilometers from Trivandrum, the Kovalam Beach is one of the most sought-after destinations in “God’s own country”.

Bekal Beach

Bekal Beach Kerala

Bekal Beach can be called a mixing pot of natural beauty and history since this iconic beach is accompanied by the best-preserved fort of Bekal. Located in north Kerala in Kasaragod district, the Bekal Beach should be a part of your travel planning to have a heavenly experience.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach Kerala

Image Source: Stephan Burianek

Located in the Cherai suburb of Kochi, the Cherai Beach is an ideal place for sunbathing. One of the most visited beaches in Kerala, the Cherai Beach is popular amongst the tourists for its green groves and dolphins. Beach volleyball is the most famous activity here.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach KeralaImage Source: Li Ming

Famous for its red laterite cliffs, the Varkala Beach is the perfect place for the ones in search of tranquility. The beach is also known as the Papanasham as people believe that the holy waters of the beach wash away all the sins.

Marari Beach

Marari Beach KeralaImage Source: kfy

Although this is a little-known beach, the Marari Beach is one of the beautiful gems of Kerala. Located in Mararikulam, the Marari Beach is an ideal place to have fun with the Kerala backwaters. The fisherfolk of the village will introduce you to the simple life of Marari.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach KeralaImage Source: simianwolverine

It is said that Kappad Beach is the place where the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed first and discovered India over 500 years ago. With an abundance of Malabar coast’s natural beauty, the Kappad Beach also has a great historical significance.

Beypore Beach

Beypore Beach KeralaImage Source: arun chandran

Famous for its long fishing pier, the Beypore Beach is located in the Beypore town of Kozhikode district. The ship building expertise on the Beypore beach had established a well-developed trade between India and other countries quite long ago.

Kollam Beach

Kollam Beach KeralaImage Source: Alex M George

Beach Wedding Destination and the Kollam Beach are synonymous. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, the Kollam Beach offers a wide array of watersports along with the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Vypin Beach

Vypin Beach KeralaImage Source: muffinn

Located on the island of Vypin, the Vypin Beach houses Munambam Fishing Harbor, the largest fishing harbor of Kochi. Close to the beach, there is Vypin lighthouse which is another must-see attraction.

While traveling to Kerala for a long vacation, keep all these beaches in your bucket list, and you each beach is sure to offer you a unique experience.

Boat Races in Kerala

7 Must Experience Boat Races in Kerala

One of the main draws of tourism centered around “God’s Own Country”, the Vallam Kali or local boat races are a glorified affair. Of what may look like a unique state-level sport, these boat races, in fact, hold a rather religious significance. Held during the harvesting season that collides with the biggest Malayalam festival – Onam, boat races in Kerala are a patent on many a Trip Planner. The variety of these races on the technical front add to their appeal, not to mention leaving you spoiled for choice. To ease out distress a little as to some of the must experience boat races in Kerala we bring to you this very handy list ensuring you experience the essence of this event in its right spirit.

Kandassankadavu boat race, Thrissur

Kandassankadavu boat raceImage Source: Sankar Ragothaman

Held in Thrissur’s beautiful lake of Enamakkal and its Canoly Canal, the Kandassankadavu boat race commences on Onam and sprawls over a period of the ten days following it. All the contestants in the race have their eyes on the Chief Minister’s Ever-Rolling Trophy in this one!

Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Punnamada Lake, Alappuzha

Nehru Trophy Boat RaceImage Source: Ronald

One of the most popular places in Kerala flocked by many to get a glimpse of the famed ‘backwaters of Kerala’, Alleppey or Alappuzha is where the Nehru Trophy Boat Race takes place. The Chundan Vallams or snake boats’ competition is the highlight of this race.

Triprayar boat race, in Conolly canal, Triprayar, Thrissur

Another gem of boat race held in the Canoly Canal, the Triprayar boat race boasts of a prestigious start point outside the Shree Rama Temple. This is a three-kilometer long race characterized by much valour and grace with highly competitive winners every year!

Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali at Aranmula, Pathanamthitta

Aranmula Boat Race

Image Source: Fernando De la Torre

If history and prestige are some things that you seek, then the Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali at Aranmula must be on your Kerala Vacation Planner. This is the oldest of the Vallam Kalis and the boats used in this race are snake boats.

President’s Trophy Boat Race in Ashtamudi lake, Kollam

President’s Trophy Boat Race

Image Source: Rohith Reghunath

As you gather knowledge about Kerala’s boat races, you will comprehend how the races are all about the prestigious trophies. The President’s Trophy Boat Race is one such example taking place on the 1st of November every year. This date holds special relevance given that in this day the state came into being.

Kallada Boat Race in Kallada River, Kollam

Kallada Boat Race

Image Source: Rajesh Kalapura

The Kallada Boat Race takes place on the twenty-eighth day following Onam. This boat race, unlike a canal, is held on a broader platform in the Kallada River. Not only is this a boat race but also an event honouring doers from various fields.

Pampa Boat Race in Neerattupuram

Held on the Thiruvonam day, the Pampa Boat Race was begun in the year 1957. Ever since its commencement the race and its conductors are striving to make this a popular sport on a broader front.

With this list, you have a good know-how about what to look forward to. Which one was your pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

kalaripayattu kerala

Kalaripayattu – Kerala Martial Arts

Prized for being one of the oldest form of martial arts, Kalaripayattu is the brave child of Kerala. Amongst the many things that are nestled in God’s own country, like the winding canals, the pristine beaches, and the rich flora and fauna, the state is also home to some of the country’s best artists. Whether it be the cuisine, the dance forms, the Ayurvedic massages, or this art of fighting, everything here breathes excellence. One of the intimidating, yet captivating facets of Kerala, exploring the art and techniques of Kalaripayattu is a must on your visit.

Art of Kalaripayattu

Image Source: Ourvoyager Limited

Mythologically, the art is said to have been spread by Lord Parshurama, who learnt it from Lord Shiva himself. It is a symphony that is created with the mind, body and soul working in coordination. Peace of mind, physical health and together, the growth of the soul is its main aim. The process starts with seasoning the body with Ayurvedic massages and stretching. Poses inspired by animals are taught, and the stances and movements come next. Since it is said that it is the first form of martial arts, it is very interesting to observe the techniques of the other arts like Karate and Kung Fu, in this artform.

Historically, it is said that Kalaripayattu dates back to 300 BCE. Carried down from one generation to the next through strict traditional methods of teachings, like the Guru-Shishya method, it has evolved a lot over the years. While it is originally a sword less artform, all kinds of swords can be incorporated into its techniques. Now a days, you will find many renowned centers spread all across the state, offering traditional schooling, as well as short term classes.

Kalaripayattu Classes

Image Source: Marmontel

While planning your vacation to Kerala, make sure that you are a part of the Kalaripayattu show. Displaying graceful movements and strength, this martial art that is said to have been inspired by animals, bringing each of their strengths together.
Kalaripayattu shows are held all over Kerala. Cities like Kochi, Munnar, and Thekaddy put up some of the most spectacular shows. Part of the cultural shows most of the time, you can be an audience to Kalaripayattu, as well as Kathakali. This ancient dance form is also said to have evolved from Kalaripayattu. Stories from Indian Mythology are told through delicate, yet inspiring movements through Kathakali.

For a short-term course in this martial art, you can enroll in any of the following institutes.

ENS Kalari, Ernakulam: Offering courses that last over one week to years, this institute has certificate courses. So, whether you choose to take up the 1 week course, or the 1 year one, you will always have a certificate to take back home.
C.V.N Kalari, Kozhikode: With a special module for foreign guests, this center brings choreography and music to make the learning process easy and fun.
Poomully Aramthampuran’s Kalarisangham: A traditional school, this institute offers full time, as well as short term courses in this artform.

5 Tours One Must Try in Kerala

Rightly referred to as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is one South Indian state that is flocked to be people of diverse interests. From honeymooners, solo travelers, family vacationers, to adrenaline junkies, Kerala is one place that has many seeking an efficient trip planner. Being able to serve a multitude of recreation opportunities, the region of Kerala can be divided categorically by tours pertaining to individual geographic locations. Rest assured, whatever you choose to embark on with your itinerary planner you are certain to return with rejuvenated mind and body!

Mentioned below are five tour classifications that address various scopes along with leaving you absolutely spoiled for choice.

Spice gardens

Spice gardens kerala

The lush, evergreen forests atop the Western Ghats are abundant with some of the world’s most potent spices that are sure to add zing and spice to absolutely any food! From fragrant cloves, sweet cinnamon, hot chillies to Star anise among others Kerala is a treasure trove of spices. Places like Thekkady, Kumily, Murukkady and Vandanmedu are popular destinations for those considering specific spice garden trips! These places offer you a plethora of privately and government-owned spice gardens where you can avail guided tours. Of course, you will be tempted to take home some spices and you can do so at the gift shops on site at these spice gardens.

Coffee plantations

Coffee plantations Kerala

Owing to the highly fertile soil of the Western Ghats, Kerala and its hilly mountains are home to some of the most fabulous places in India where one can behold delightful gastronomical adventures. Kerala is India’s second largest coffee-producing state backed by regions such as Munnar that feature mesmerizing coffee plantations. As you galavant around exploring the best things to do in Munnar, you will make your way through a maze of coffee plantations where you can stop for a click or take an out and out guided tour. Make sure you don’t leave without trying the local delicacy of filter coffee! Along with Munnar, the serene Wayanad region too adds to the state’s coffee production.

Backwaters of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala

Probably one of the most sought-after regions in Kerala, the backwater areas of Alappuzha, also referred to as Alleppey, Kollam, Kasargod, Thiruvallam and Kozhikode bequeath you with the quintessential backwater experience. Staying in a houseboat in the middle of the Arabian Sea, gorging on delicious idlis, and canoeing through the interconnected canals will make you not want to leave this piece of paradise. If you prefer something more luxurious there is a plethora of resorts bringing you the best of indigenous experiences, you can choose from. Owing to the unique ecosystem here, birdwatching enthusiasts are in for a retreat of their lifetime!

Temples galore

Temples galore Kerala

Apart from the gamut of natural delights, Kerala also derives it’s moniker of “God’s Own Country” from the fact that the state dons a surfeit of temples. The elaborate temple festivals are indeed a state to watch, but should you happen to miss them you can still catch the pious rendezvous at places holding rich temple traditions. Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Ambalapuzha, Chottanikkara and Guruvayoor are home to some of the most popular temples in Kerala. After all, if we were to go by the folktale that the state came into existence by the creation of the warrior sage Parasurama, this land of God’s will justify the number of temples just right!

Hiker’s paradise

Anamudi Kerala


The Wayanad region of Kerala, which also extends into the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is known to have some the most interesting hikes and treks in India. The highest peak in Kerala, Anamudi lies in Kerala and can be ventured for trekking. Walking amidst wildflowers, have a keen eye for the rare Neelakurinji flower which is indigenous to the region. Second highest is the gorgeous Agastya Mala peak in the capital Thiruvananthapuram, this is a gorgeous place to even meet the tribal people of Kerala! Wayanad region is another area packed with pleasant hikes and treks, more suitable for basic level hikers too!

kerala Hill Stations

Top 10 Hill Stations in Kerala

Kerala, often regarded as “God’s own country”, is one of the best places on earth to experience the beauty of nature at its best. Its palm-lined beaches, tropical atmosphere, boat-houses on the backwaters, and each corner laden with different shades of green – this southern state of India enchants every wanderlust driven soul with its magical landscapes. And, when it comes to Kerala’s hill stations, they look like precious gems in Kerala’s natural treasure. So, if you are planning a vacation specifically to explore Kerala’s hilly paths, here’s the list of top 10 hill stations in Kerala that you would not want to miss.


Munnar Hill Station
The most popular hill station in Kerala, Munnar is also one of the largest tea-growing regions in India. A former resort for the British, Munnar is the place where you can meet Nilgiri Tahr, trek to the Anamudi Peak, and relish a cup of tea among the emerald green gardens.


Wayanad Hill Station
The tranquility on the hills of Wayanad will captivate your heart for long. With an elevation of 2100 meters, this hill station is known for its dense vegetation and picturesque waterfalls that make one feel like being in a paradise on earth.


Thekkady Hill StationImage Source: Sridar Mysore

Nestled in Periyar National Park, Thekkady is a mixing pot of aromatic spices, a rich wildlife, and lush green mountains. Watching the elephants coming to the lake with their families is one of the most stunning sights you will see at Thekkady.


Idukki Hill Station
If you have an adventurous mind, Idukki Hill Station is the best place to be at. The hill station is located on the Munnar-Thekkady route. Idukki provides an opportunity for many adventure activities and its lush greenery is home to rich biodiversity.


Ponmudi Hill Station

Image Source: Arun Kannan

Located in Thiruvananthapuram district, Ponmudi is a small hill station. The misty peaks of Ponmudi look straight out of a picture postcard and its stunning waterfalls are worth to capture in your camera.


Vythiri Hill Station

Image Source: wayanadhoneymoon

Located in Wayanad district, Vythiri is only 90 kilometers from Kozhikode. This gorgeous hill station is surrounded by lush paddy fields. There are many tree houses in Vythiri where you can plan a stay to soak in the rustic atmosphere.


Devikulam Hill Station

Image Source: Sandeep Kumar

Located near Munnar, Devikulam is a hidden gem of Kerala. Since Devikulam is not as popular as other hill stations in Kerala, it is a great destination for the people who enjoy solitude and peace.


Ranipuram Hill Station

Image Source: NeeMa

If you want the best trip planning idea to Kerala’s hill stations, Ranipuram should be on your list. Often called as the “Ooty of Kerala”, Ranipuram is a heaven for trekkers. The proximity of Kottencheri-Talakaveri mountain range makes its landscape picture -perfect.


Paithalmala Hill Station

Image Source: Mithun James

Paithalmala or Pythal Mala comes in the Kannur district of Kerala. Covered in lush greenery, this hill station is dotted with some good resorts where you can plan to stay and meditate upon the cloud-hidden peaks.


Vagamon Hill Station

Image Source: Madhu Kannan

Sandwiched between Kottayam and Idukki, Vagamon or Wagamon hill station is known for its mind-blowing ravines that flow through vibrant greens covering its hills. While wandering through the labyrinth of its valleys, you will leave a part of your heart here.

The pollution-free and serene atmosphere of Kerala’s hill stations could be a reason why life expectancy is greater than any other state of India. Which hill station you are planning your next vacation to? Do let us know.


Kerala for Wildlife Enthusiasts

If you have been intrigued by God’s own country and want to explore a different side of Kerala other than the lovely backwaters, then the state has a lot of lovely experiences to offer to you. When you explore travel websites, you will find a lot of experiences that you can curate for the wildlife enthusiast in you. Whenever you plan a trip online, remember to choose the best of wildlife attractions so that you can completely make the best of your experience in Kerala. While picking your list of attractions on your travel website, remember to include the following in your itinerary

Parambikulam Reserve

If you wish to explore the best of Kerala the authentic style, then Parambikulam is definitely the place to visit for you. Right from triba led treks to various camping spots, this reserve has a lot to offer to anybody who wishes to witness a site that is under consideration from UNESCO World Heritage.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

This is the perfect place for bird watchers. It is said that there are about 1200 bird species found in Thattekad. Out of the 1200 bird species, 600 are found in Kerala- 350 regularly frequent the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. There are various rare species that you can find here and you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime as a bird enthusiast.

Eravikulam National Park

If you wish to witness Anamudi, which is the highest peak situated at the south of Himalayas, then Eravikulam National Park is definitely the place for you to visit. There are a lot of species that you can see here which are found only in this area. Enjoy beautiful treks and beautiful hikes in this park and see an amazing side of wildlife in Kerala.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Tholpetty, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely one of the most underestimated wildlife attractions in Kerala. Apart from being a wildlife enthusiast’s ultimate destination, Wayanad lives up to the culture of Kerala with various elephants around the place. You can bathe them and see them in their natural habitat. This sanctuary also has a very interesting story behind it. In the olden times, a famous king Pazhassi Raja- engaged the Britishers in a Guerilla war with the help of tribals. Hence, this place does not only offer you a lovely piece of wilderness but also a lot of interesting history.

Periyar National Park

When you will plan a trip online and look for the best of wildlife attractions in Kerala, then Periyar National Park would top the list for sure. Situated in the Western Ghats which is a World Heritage Site, this park has a 100-year-old artificial lake and has a lot of species which frequent this sanctuary. The best part is that even though Monsoons are not a very popular time to visit Kerala, it is actually simply beautiful at this time of the year where the forests become entirely green and are a sight to behold.

Silent Valley National Park

As the name suggests, if you like to find serenity in wilderness- then Silent Valley National Park is definitely the one attraction you must visit! It is one of the largest biodiversity reserves in Asia. It is perfect for enthusiastic trekkers, nature lovers as well as wildlife researchers. It is also famous because it is said to be the site of exile for Pandavas. The historical and mythological factor, when combined with the abundance of wilderness makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala can always be trusted for the special kind of experiences that it has to offer. Right from the beautiful backwaters to the beaches to amazing food, this state is one of the most coveted travel destinations of India. Now that you know that it is an amazing option even for wildlife enthusiasts, all you need to do is quickly plan a trip to ‘God’s own country’.


Top Destinations Of Kerala For Winter Season

The winter months from November to March is considered the peak season for Kerala tourism. It goes without saying that you will find a vibrant and festive Kerala if you plan to spend your vacation there during this period. The weather is pleasant; Kerala is never too chilly owing to the proximity of the sea, except in the hill stations. The average temperature during winters generally ranges between 23 to 32 degrees, thus providing the ideal weather for sightseeing.

You will enjoy the Kerala tourist places in all their glory during winter months. The various beaches of Kerala become very pleasing; you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about the tropical heat. The backwaters are full of life after monsoon rains; a Kerala backwater tour package with family is the ideal way to explore the state. The mist-shrouded hill stations of the Western Ghats beckon you in all their glory. So, with so many options for you to choose from, a selection of some of the best Kerala tourist places is presented below for your reference.


Kerala Tourism Packages

Munnar | Image Source: Pixabay

This popular Kerala tourism destination becomes even more alluring during winter. The hill station is surrounded by the Anamalai mountain range and can be quite chilly. You may enjoy the stunning views comfortably from your hotel balcony while sipping exotic tea from the Tata tea museum nearby. A host of trekking and hiking routes are at your disposal in case you want to be up close with Mother Nature in Munnar.

Image source

The Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is famous for its Kerala houseboat tour packages throughout the year. Especially during winter months, this place becomes more enchanting when you experience the lake from a traditional Kerala houseboat. Your exploration of the land through the coconut tree-lined paths, mist-covered mangrove forests takes you on a magical journey. The nearby bird sanctuary attracts a variety of migratory birds from all over the world during the winter season. Thus, Kumarakom is an ideal Kerala tourism destination to visit in winter, as you can experience nature at its best.

Image source

Known for its extensive backwater channels, Alleppey is a famous Kerala tourism destination. While the numbers of tourist rise, the tranquil backwaters more than compensate for its inherent peaceful nature. Your vacation on a houseboat package in Kerala will consist typically of sampling traditional Kerala dishes for food and participating in fishing expeditions with Chinese fishnets. The countryside scenery consists of small villages with beautiful chapels and ducks swimming in the blooming water-lilies. You may also try your hand at Kayaking or plan a trip to the Punnamada Lake Elephant Camps.

Image source

Another popular Kerala tourism destination, the Varkala beach is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. The monsoon rains lend freshness to the landscape, every area you look at feels new and clean. The dark cliffs beyond the beach create a stark contrast with the golden sands and green coconut trees, making the beach look bright and effusive. You may witness the Sivagiri Pilgrimage during the winter season here. This annual procession is organized by the disciples of Sri Narayana Guru in his respect.

Image source

The Periyar National Park in Thekkady is a key destination for Kerala tourism. The forests are lush and green with all the rainwater; you may plan a jungle safari to witness the variety of flora and fauna in the region. Try to spot the Indian Tiger, Gaurs, Sambars, Bisons, Boars and Leopards, the rarer lion-tailed Macaques among the wildlife. You may plan a Kerala houseboat tour package during winter through the great Periyar River which passes through the sanctuary.

You vacation plan for Kerala during winter should include the places mentioned above for their eclectic seasonal charm and attraction.


Best Tips For Your Summer Vacation to Kerala

Although Kerala lies a bit closer to the earth’s equator compared to all other states of India, the weather is extremely pleasant and comfy not only during the summer time but throughout the year. The main reason behind this is the compelling geographical location of this state i.e. at the west of it, there lies the great Arabian Sea and at the east, the wild Western Ghats! So, according to the Kerala tourism, you don’t have to bother about the vexatious summer days at all.

  • On the plain land, the average summer temperature in Kerala ranges between 28°C to 32°C. However, the temperature drops to 20°C in the hilly region. Hence, while packing for your trip to Kerala, remember to pack light warm clothes even in the summer time.
  • The summer in Kerala can be accompanied by whimsical rain! Hence, while packing, it’s better to carry an umbrella or raincoat to avoid drenching in erratic rainfall!

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kerala

Each year a lot of people from all over the world come to the “God’s own country” to witness the sheer brilliance of nature’s creation and beauty with their own eyes! Here is a list of some must-visited places in Kerala.


Kerala Tourism Packages

Munnar | Image Source: Pixabay

The invigorating beauty of Munnar is a rightful part of the “God’s own country”. Tourists and explorers from not only India but all over the world appreciate its allure!

Image source
As this place is enriched with tempting natural beauty of thick and dense rainforest, majestic scenic view, ravishing waterfalls along with vast green tea states, Wayanad has justly won the title of ‘Green Heaven of Malabar’!

Image source
Along with the magnificent panoramic view, Thekkady offers the tourists to enjoy the wildness and thrills of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.



Image Source: Pixabay

One of the most popular tourist interests of Kerala is this Alleppey Backwaters. Due to the phenomenal view, this is also referred as the ‘Venice of the East’.

Not only the above-mentioned places, Kerala tourism includes other enticing places like Kochi, Kumarakom, Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala, Vagamon, Kovalam etc. in their tour packages as well.


Explore Mesmerizing Beauty of Waterfalls In Kerala

The Kerala tourism offers you the chance to explore the stunning and picturesque view of the waterfalls in the “God’s own country”. If you are an admirer of nature’s captivating beauty and want to quench your extreme wanderlust within an affordable range, then Kerala is the perfect destination for you. The sumptuous view of the Kerala waterfalls will definitely leave you awestruck! Moreover, the whooshing and the swishing sound of the running water add extra charms and flaunt the beauty of nature. So, if you’re planning for your next vacation, take guidance from Kerala tourism and behold the artistry of nature at its best in Kerala. Here, in this article, a few names of famous Kerala waterfalls have been jotted down in a brief manner. Without visiting these outstanding waterfalls your trip to Kerala will not be perfect!

List of Wonderful Kerala Waterfalls

Due to the favorable geographical location of Kerala, numerous numbers of waterfalls have punctuated the vast green forests. Some waterfalls are large; some are small, but the beauty and the charms of such waterfalls are incomparable. Kerala tourism has been able to sense the allure of such nature’s creation. Admirably, it has managed to protect all such natural attractions so that travelers and explorers from all around the world can visit Kerala and can cherish the unparallel charm of nature.

Athirappilly Waterfalls
Athirappilly Waterfalls
Image source
In Kerala, the highest waterfall is well famed Athirappilly Waterfalls that is located almost 47 kilometers away from the Thrissur. This is ensured that with the captivating and alluring view of this waterfall you will be beguiled! The roars of the falling water stream will definitely invoke a feeling of shivering in you.

Image source
You cannot appreciate enough the panoramic view of this hugely popular waterfall in Kerala i.e. Thommankuthu. This waterfall has touched the earth following seven distinct steps; each step of this waterfall is ensued by a pool! The beauty of this waterfall is so ineffable that you will feel short of vocabulary to express your feelings! According to the Kerala tourism, this waterfall is one of the must visit Kerala tourist places.

The Stream of Milk or Palaruvi
The Stream of Milk or Palaruvi
Image source
Want to get an “Into the Wild” feeling? Then don’t miss to visit the famous Palaruvi or widely known as ‘The Stream of Milk’ in Kerala (Kollam district). Get an adventurous feeling of trekking through the dense green forest and finally witnessing the stunning creation of nature! The murky white colored water will make you speechless.

Nyayamkadu Waterfalls
Munnar is one of the most beautiful and enticing places in Kerala. So, visiting Munnar is an essential part of the travel packages for Kerala. Nyayamkadu waterfall is located near Munnar. Due to the enthralling view and the adventurous path to the Nyayamkadu gap, this place is almost like a heaven to the trekking fanatics.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls
Thusharagiri Waterfalls
Image source
Another famous waterfall of Kerala is Thusharagiri, which is located about 50 kilometers far from the Calicut. While beholding the gurgling stream of water, you will get the feeling as if snow is spraying down! The scenic beauty will definitely leave an enduring impression on your mind. Due to the top notch view of this waterfall, Kerala tourism has included it as a must check-in Kerala tourist places.

Apart from all the above-mentioned waterfalls, while exploring Kerala you can visit other enticing waterfalls like
Meenmutty Waterfall, Cheeyappara etc.

It is almost next to impossible to cherish the beauties of waterfalls in Kerala just by going through the pages of a vacation guide or just by browsing through the webs. To get the utmost feeling, you must set your foot on the “God’s own country”, Kerala. Explore the enchanting and alluring beauty of nature with the help of Kerala Tourism.


Rejuvenate Yourself with Ayurveda In Your Visit To Kerala

Your experience of nature’s bounty and stunning landscapes during Kerala tourism may be more than enough for a memorable holiday. But, this region is also famous worldwide for its excellent Ayurveda clinics.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing art developed thousands of years ago in India. This study of medicine is a part of Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas which form an integral part of Hindu culture. This minimal side-effect causing the medical system is focused on maintaining good health along with treatment of medical illnesses.

Kerala is renowned all over India for its excellence in administering Ayurvedic treatments. Indeed, patients from all over the world seeking alternative routes for curing their illnesses flock to this state. Many popular places you may visit during Kerala tourism are also famous as Ayurveda centers. You may refer below for a list of the places where you may seek advice and Ayurvedic medication ranging from detoxification of the body to treatment of specific ailments.

Sitaram Ayurveda Center, Cochin
Sitaram Ayurveda Center, Cochin
Image source
This beautiful and traditional Ayurveda treatment center is located north of Cochin City near Thrissur. The location is convenient as it is only 2 hours from Cochin International airport. The property is spacious and serene with 12 cottages available for accommodation. You will get the entire range of Ayurvedic treatment options ranging from de-stressing, recuperation and weight loss to orthopedic remedies. This resort focuses on Ayurveda treatments with the descendants of the same ‘Baidyas’, the Hindu name of Ayurvedic doctors, who founded this clinic in 1921 offering advice and medicine here. The popular Kerala tourism destination of Nattika Beach is located nearby, offering a lovely option for you to enjoy.

Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram, Kovalam
This clinic embodies the best features of an Indian Ayurveda center while offering high-quality hospitality services. The property is built on a promontory overlooking the Arabian Sea and surrounded by palm forests; the surrounding view itself is breathtaking. The facility offers serious ayurvedic treatment with experienced professionals for specific problems like paralysis, arthritis, rheumatism, accidental injuries, to name a few. Also, you may receive general therapeutic packages for rejuvenation, beauty and slimming. The cottages are individual occupancy and are traditional affairs with thatched roofs. You may also use the open-air yoga center, Ayurveda restaurant, latest communication facilities, 24-hour room services and the efficient travel desk for a smooth overall experience. The famous Kovalam Beach is the nearest Kerala tourism destination.

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center, Kollam
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If you are looking to enjoy Kerala backwater tour packages while getting Ayurvedic treatment, this family-owned center may be your ideal choice. Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center is run by the third-generation of Ayurvedic specialists. The three-acre property is right on the edge of Ashtamudi Lake and 10 kilometers from Kollam city. The accommodations provided are traditional well-furnished Kerala-style cottages. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, with the entire range of Ayurvedic treatments on offer. You may enjoy a houseboat package in Kerala here in the extensive waterways or on the lake itself.

Kalari Kovilakom, Kollengode
Kalari Kovilakom, Kollengode
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While on the Kerala tourism trail, your search to re-invent yourself through Ayurveda will end at this center for deep healing. The property was the royal residence of Vengunad kings of Kerala. Now converted into a center for Ayurveda, there are no usual distractions like television or Internet associated with a hospitality center present here. You will receive fully personalized Ayurvedic treatment combined with Yoga and similar other forms here aimed towards revitalizing your body. The absence of modern distractions along with the spiritual setting of this once-royal abode is a truly one-of-its-kind experience during Kerala tourism.

These excellent centers of Ayurvedic healing in Kerala will rejuvenate your body along with treatment for specific health problems.