10 Best houseboats in Kerala

One of the major attractions of Kerala Tourism is its unique backwaters, with a chain of canals extending to about 1500 kilometres, an amalgamation of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes. The best way to experience the magic of the houseboats is by indulging in one of the many Kerala houseboat tour packages available, offering different services depending on your needs and budgets. The boats are unlike anything you would have ever seen. Having a unique design, it is constructed using eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo poles, coconut fibre ropes, bamboo mats, carpets and consist of fully furnished rooms with attached bathrooms, sundeck and private balcony with comfortable chairs. With their languid grace and quaint design invite you to enjoy in a fabulous way to explore the fascinating beauties of backwaters considering some of the best houseboats in Kerala:

1. Rainbow Cruises:

One of the finest houseboat companies in Kerala, they have been awarded a gold star rating for their outstanding hospitality services. The cruise makes you feel just at home with amenities like fully furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms, an open lounge, A well-stocked kitchen along with a captain and a chef. The company offers three types of houseboats ranging from high-end Luxury boats followed by Premium and Deluxe boats. The cruise is an enchanting experience and is perfect for a honeymoon package or a Kerala holiday package.

Rainbow Cruise Houseboat in kerala
Rainbow Cruises

2. Angel Queen Houseboats:

Angel Queen Houseboats is one of the popular houseboat services in the city of Alleppey. Providing excellent tariffs and rates, the company has been in the hospitality industry for a long time now. Accommodations include all amenities, however, one has a choice between the Standard, Deluxe or Premium houseboats, depending on the budget and needs. The company offers a one-night package that lets you explore the backwaters in a day and a two nights’ package that includes more destinations and attractions.

Angel Queen Houseboat in Kerala
Angel Queen Houseboats

3. Prasanthy Houseboats:

Prasanthy Houseboats delivers a comprehensive house-boating services including taxi services as well and is preferred by locals, national, and international visitors alike. The trained staff at Prasanthy Houseboats provides you elegant service and are willing to go that extra mile to make your trip memorable. The cruise includes various attractions like schools, churches and markets. Whilst on the cruise, you are provided with various meals and snacks during the day time. The evenings are perfect for a candlelight dinner in the middle of the backwaters.

Prasanthy Houseboat in kerala
Prasanthy Houseboats

4. Johnson’s Eco Houseboats:

Johnson’s Eco Houseboats is one of the unique houseboat services in Alleppey, Kerala. They were the pioneers of luxury houseboats in the city. This houseboat service started operations when there were already established service companies in this region. Despite this competition, this service company has come up as one of the top houseboats in the backwaters operating more than a thousand houseboats today. The best feature of the houseboat is its environment-friendly design like a bio-tank that is used to store water in the bathroom, the absence of plastic and noise cancelling engines. All such efforts have resulted in numerous awards for this houseboat service including Greenpalm and Gold certifications.

Johnsons Eco Houseboat kerala
Johnson’s Eco Houseboats

5. Grandeur Houseboats:

The company offers an outstanding customer service and excellent accommodation facilities with amenities like bath-attached rooms, lounge, kitchen, oarsmen, cooking personnel and tour guides. Grandeur Houseboats have been the front of the houseboat service providers for a long time now and is considered as one of the best houseboats in Alleppey. The cruise has various picturesque pit-stops to explore the local villages and the amazing culture.

Grandeur Houseboat in kerala
Grandeur Houseboats

6. The River Escapes Houseboat:

The company offers a tranquil experience amidst the magical atmosphere. With three luxury Kettuvaloms having two bedrooms each, this 5-star status houseboat takes you on the cruise of the backwaters. There are various pit stops with many attractions like old churches, wayside temples, and monuments of historical importance.

The River Escapes Houseboat in kerala
The River Escapes Houseboat

7. Elite Houseboats:

Elite Houseboats is one of the best providers of new generation luxury houseboats with all the amenities and facilities you need to help you rest and relax, as you glide along. The materials that go into the making are all local and Eco-friendly bamboo poles, coconut fibre ropes, bamboo mats and coir carpets. The house boats have fully furnished rooms with sundeck, comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet with air conditioner. Along with this, there is a crew includes a chef and two oarsmen. The cuisine serves on the cruise comprises of traditional Kerala flavour with the local specialities and some delicious fish and prawns.

Elite Houseboats in kerala
Elite Houseboats

8. Kumarakom Houseboats:

Kumarakom Houseboats is a leading tour operating organisation that is focused on organising houseboat tours through Kerala’s serene backwaters. The company offers luxury boats from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The crew consists of qualified professionals who are well versed with the complexities of the travel and tourism trade in the state. Whilst on the cruise, one would be served some snacks and authentic Kerala food and there would be various stops at numerous attractions on the way.

Kumarakom Houseboats in kerala
Kumarakom Houseboats

9. The Aqua Holidays Houseboats:

With exquisite wooden floors and canopy, this Houseboat on the backwaters of Alleppey is an ideal retreat for a honeymoon package. Each houseboat is provided with rooms having attached bathrooms, a sun deck, spacious living / dining area, spacious passage and a neat, classy kitchen. A crew is present at all times to cater to all your needs while the boat glides across the shimmering blue waters with gorgeous green and fringed edges.

Aqua Holidays Houseboats in kerala
The Aqua Holidays Houseboats

10. Spice Routes Houseboat:

Spice Routes offers an enchanting holiday experience as you step on board our luxurious houseboats on the breathtaking backwaters of Kerala. The houseboats are fitted out with state of the art amenities like modern conveniences, sun decks, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, uninterrupted water supply and a well-stocked kitchen and promise an experience of a lifetime. Every houseboat comes with its own crew consisting of a driver, and assistant and a personal cook who dishes out tantalising local cuisine. The company offers a number of cruises to choose from depending on the budget and needs, ranging from the super luxury Spice Routes Clove & Cinnamon, the luxury Spice Routes Pepper followed by the premium Spice Routes Cardamom and the deluxe Spice Routes Ginger.

Spice Routes Houseboat in Kerala
Spice Routes Houseboat

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