Best Of Kerala in the Monsoon Season

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur1

Monsoon in the coastal state can be pretty heavy, so for Kerala this season is considered as the off-peak period. But while it is true in general that heavy rain comes with its own set of travel and communication issues, monsoon just might be the best time to enjoy Kerala tourist places. The following reasons may justify the point.

Lush Greenery

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The state of Kerala is generally green; during monsoon season nature seems to overflow with this color. Anywhere you look in Kerala, you will find an overabundance of greenery which is quite pleasing. The water bodies are filled to the brim, the sea waves try to swallow the beaches and the overall atmosphere is fresh and moist. You will be refreshed during your Kerala stay with all the greenery around you.

Onam Festival
Onam Festival
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This yearly extravaganza of celebrating the homecoming of fabled King Mahabali in Kerala occurs in the period from August to September. An experience you must include in your Kerala itinerary, the festival is a ten-day affair. The locals decorate their home with flowery carpets; wear new clothing and invite guests to an elaborate meal in a party-like atmosphere. Another main attraction during Onam is snake boat racing. You may witness costumed parades during this festival at most tourist destinations of Kerala.

Discounted Rates
Discounted Rates1
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Although not as appealing, but no less important with regards to the budget of your Kerala, you will get off-season discounts during monsoon. The peak season is the winter months, so hotels and resorts offer significant discounts in this period. Also, the Kerala houseboat tour packages will be cheaper owing to the scarcity of tourists.

The Beautiful Sound
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There are few more beautiful experiences during Kerala than enjoying the drumbeats of rain falling on the thatched roof of your room. The rain pours for a couple of hours usually, though sometimes you may have all-day heavy showers. You may experience watching and hearing the rainfall from a sheltered place only during monsoon season.

Along with the above compelling reasons to plan your Kerala during monsoons, the beauty of Kerala increases manifold during this season. Many Kerala tourist places are full of greenery and the sunny interludes between rains bring out the best of nature the location has to offer. Some of the best Kerala tourism places list for you to enjoy during the monsoons is described below.

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur
Athirapally Falls, Thrissur
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This fall is also known as the “Niagra of India”. The waterfall is an 80-feet high spectacle of the Chalakudy River of Thrissur district, situated around 145 kilometers inside the Western Ghats. You will be able to experience the imposing sight of the Athirapally waterfall roaring at its full volume during monsoon season. This novel experience during Kerala is only possible if you visit the state in the monsoons.

Thekkady, Idukki
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The pristine rainforests along banks of the mighty Periyar River are at their best during monsoons. A boat ride along the river during your Kerala stay is bound to be a memorable experience. You may experience the lush forests and the varied wildlife of the Periyar Forest Reserve in all its glory during the rainy season.

Munnar Hill Station
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This popular hill station of Kerala is a place you must visit during the monsoons. Owing to its elevation, Munnar is almost free of stagnant waters; the verdant tea gardens and the Pothemedu viewpoint are some of the places you must visit here, The Blossom Park is in its full glory with monsoon blooms, a boat ride with your beloved in the lake will be a treasured moment of your holiday.

The reasons mentioned above along with the beautiful experiences you will gain in Kerala are enough for a visit to “God’s Own Country” during monsoons.

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