Historical Places to Visit In Kerala


Historical Places to Visit In Kerala: You may explore the rich history of this coastal state of India during your Kerala Tourism. Kerala has always flourished in trade due to its location beside the sea. Hence, a multitude of Kerala tourist places is historically significant also. The earliest traces of human civilization in Kerala were found as far back as 4000 BC. Various small implements made from stone (Microlithic Tools), urns and burial chambers were found near Calicut which date back to these times. Even during ancient times, Kerala was a prominent place among the world trading destinations. The oldest written evidence about Kerala was found on a rock edict of Emperor Ashoka which dates back to 257 BC.

If you consider the more recent history, after the birth of Christ the advent of the Portuguese, Dutch and British started a religious amalgamation in Kerala. St. Thomas reached the land in 52 AD and Christianity started flourishing here. With a previous significant presence of Buddhists, Muslims and Jews in the state, Kerala became a confluence of religious faiths. Any Kerala tourism is incomplete without visits to several historic sites which are witness to the eventful past of the state. A selection of these landmarks is mentioned below for you to consider including in the best Kerala tour packages.

Bekal Fort: 300 Year Old Historical Places to visit in Kerala

Bekal Fort Historical Places to Visit In Kerala
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This 300-year-old fort is located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. This fort is spread over forty acres, is the largest in the state. Bekal Beach, which is adjacent to this fort, is a popular Kerala tourism attraction. With a stunning background of the Arabian Sea, several observation posts located in this fort offer magnificent views. The design of this fort is like a keyhole and it is beautifully preserved till date. Located at a distance of 67 kilometers from the city of Mangalore, the fort has a Hanuman temple and a Mosque within its premises. The other tourist attractions you come to expect in this state like Kerala houseboat tour packages, sunlit beaches and water sports are also available nearby.

Anjuthengu Fort: Historical Monument in Kerala

Anjuthengu Fort Historical Places to Visit In Kerala
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This fort is located near the famous beach of Varkala, a popular historical destination in Kerala. The word ‘anjuthengu’ means “five coconut trees”. Built in the year 1684, East India Company laid its foundation primarily as a trading outpost. You can notice the remnants of an old English fort here which was the object of several attacks by competing powers. The backwater stretch at this place and the intermingling coconut trees all across the channels form a picturesque setting. The nearby beach is an ideal spot for a picnic and the quaint fishing village adds to the charm of this tourist destination of Kerala.

Hill Palace: Rare Historical Collections

Hill Palace Historical Places to Visit In Kerala
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The first heritage museum of Kerala, Hill Palace was a property and living quarters of the royal family of Cochin. This historically significant Kerala tourism site was built in 1865. This place houses the notable collections and memorabilia of the Maharajas of Kochi. Rare paintings, stone and marble sculptures, coins, weapons, inscriptions as such other pieces of history are exhibited here.

Jewish Synagogue: The Oldest Existing Synagogues in World

Jewish Synagogue Historical Places to Visit In Kerala
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You can experience the permanent testimonial to the religious harmony of the state by including the Jewish Synagogue in list of historical places to visit in Kerala . This famous Jewish place of worship is located in the city of Ernakulam. It is one of the oldest existing synagogues in the world. The eclectic handmade Chinese tiles, Belgian glass and copper plates from the 4th century adorn the interiors. Apart from a tranquil place of worship, this famous monument houses several memorabilia and records of the region.

The naturally abundant beauty of the region is bound to captivate you while you are in Kerala. But this land is equally rich in history; which is evident upon your visit to the sites like the ones described above.

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