Kerala Is Great Place For Families with Members of All Ages

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If you are traveling to Kerala with family where there are kids or aged person, the Kerala tourism guides you with the things to do, safety precautions and health advises for your trip to Kerala.
As Kerala is full of adventurous activities, it does not mean that the place is not suitable for family trips. One can say that there are some activities which are only suitable for families.

Activities for Families in Kerala

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If you are thinking as you are going for Kerala tourism with your family the only thing you can do is to go shopping and do sightseeing, then you must be unaware of these interesting yet safe activities to do while you are in Kerala.

  • Coffee plantation visiting in Wayanad is a soothing activity you can do. Drink a cup of fresh ground coffee while walking through the plantation. It will also give you great pleasure to wander through the tea garden of Munnar. When you are in Cochin, touring the fort Kochi is an amazing idea to witness magnificent architecture
  • According to Kerala tourism, some other activities include getting drenched under a waterfall, house boating in Alleppey, staying in tree house, Nilkulirnji bloom witnessing in Munnar, elephant bathing in Kodanad, watching the sunset at Kovalam beach, enjoying village life for a day, watching the snake boat races, going on shikhara rides in Alappuzha, taking the Periyar jungle jeep ride, taking a spice garden tour etc.
  • Swimming in the Arabian Sea is the only beach activity you may have thought of. But you can also take a bath in the medicinal mineral water spring in Varakal. Last but not the least, watching the dance form of Theyyam is a mesmerizing experience by itself

Health Tips
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A guide provided by the Kerala tourism suggests that there is nothing to worry about regarding your health when you are going on Kerala tour package.

  • Dengue is prevalent in Kerala. It is better if you don’t go for Kerala tourism in the monsoon season
  • If you’re traveling with your family, then try and carry a medical kit with you. You will find a lot of medical shops but it is better to be prepared for emergencies
  • Tap water is generally safe to drink. But if the water does not suit you drink mineral water instead of tap water
  • You can dial 102 for any health emergencies and you will get support from Kerala’s advanced emergency medicine system
  • Malaria is generally not a risk in Kerala. Don’t consume anti-malaria tablets unnecessarily as they can cause depression, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea
  • To avoid stomach upset, try not to consume too much junk food and undercooked fish or meat

Safety Tips
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When you are with your family on a holiday, the Kerala tourism guide suggests that you must be responsible and cautious enough for the sake of your family.

  • If you are trying street food then avoid already prepared food; instead, have something that is being prepared in front of you
  • If you opt for any adventurous activities then make sure that you are dealing with experts who are experienced in the relative field
  • As there are no organizations standardizing water sport measures, do your own research before participating in any such activities
  • Unless you are having a lifeguard around you, don’t think of taking your family for swimming. The backwaters are very deep. Also, be cautious if you are staying in a house boat. Keep an eye on the children as they tend to go near the water out of curiosity

God’s own country is fully packed with stunning views and breathtaking scenes. Kerala tourism guides explain that the place is mélange of beaches, backwaters, rejuvenating therapies and spas, culinary experiences and lots of activities to fulfill your enthusiasm.

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