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Kerala’s landscape consists of serene palm-lined beaches, backwaters, fresh springs, waterfalls, plantation covered hills and forests, exotic flora and fauna, and has lured visitors into its boundaries since biblical times. Today, Kerala opens its doors for local, national as well as international travellers who have come to get rejuvenated amidst the pristine ambiance and picturesque backdrop of the state. This resulted in the emergence of a thriving tourism and hospitality industry in the state offering all kinds of luxury services and amenities. Luxury resorts and destinations are definitely considered as an extravagant experience and even though they enhance the magic of your trip through the state, it can be a little hard on the pocket.


However, all the bloggers, young travellers, students and bag packers planning a trip to this enigmatic state can equally enjoy the state, even when on a tight budget. When one is travelling, most of the expenditure in incurred on the accommodation, food, visiting monument, buying tickets to the best of destinations and travelling within the city. If one prepares carefully and does a little research and planning before the trip, all these hurdles can be easily cracked you would be free to have the time of your life in this perfect getaway destination.

Getting affordable accommodation in Kerala

Beginning with the first, cheap and budget accommodations in Kerala are easy to find in almost every city. These range from bag packer’s hostels, single rooms, dormitories and guest houses. Most of these accommodations are simple yet elegant and are built as close to nature as their luxurious counterparts. The accommodation can be anything from simple cottages that are constructed from natural materials to guest rooms that have a balconies and ocean views. The rooms wear a simple, yet stylish outfit and offer other services like pools, massage parlours, gardens and a restaurant.

Spice Routes Houseboat
Spice Routes Houseboat

Save on food by hopping on local restaurants offering low cost traditional food

When it comes to food, Kerala offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, one can find luxurious fine dining restaurants and on the other, street vendors selling all kinds of national and international cuisines. One can find street vendors and roadside local restaurants selling some of the most flavoursome cuisines that are not harsh on your pocket at all. One can find Dosas and Idlis, the most authentic dish from Kerala, Chola Bhatura, a famous North Indian delicacy and Chana Chaat, a sour and spicy mixture of the gram, tomato, onion, coriander, lemon and various spices and the price of everything is below or amounts to a maximum of INR 100.


Best attractions in Kerala doesn’t have tickets!

While one is planning to visit some of the best destinations in Kerala, one must not forget that the state was given the title of ‘God’s Own Country’ due to its scenic beauty and the exposure to the wild that it provides. The state is full of white sand beaches looking into the infinity of the horizon like Marari Beach, Cherai Beach and Varkala Beach. The state is renowned internationally for its temples (like the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple and the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple) and architectural sites of historical importance (like the Anjuthengu Fort, Bekal Fort and the Jewish Synagogue) which can be experienced with little to no money being spent of these locations as they are open to all. One of the most iconic experiences of Kerala is the cruise through the backwaters on a houseboat. However, as luxurious as the houseboats might be, they charge a huge sum for their services. If you do not want to miss a cruise through the backwaters, you can forget the overnight backwaters boat tours. Instead, you can go for local ferry tour from Kollam to Alleppey which would allow you to enjoy the backwaters equally but in a fraction of the price of renting a houseboat.

Pocket-friendly transportation

When it comes to inter-city or intra-city commutation in Kerala, you will have no problems in finding the most affordable and readily available means of transportation. There is absolutely no dearth of local transport in Kerala. One can find taxis and cabs all over the state and they are a cheap and reliable means of transportation. One can also hire a self-driven vehicle and go around the city. Auto rickshaws or ‘Autos’ are available in abundance and usually, charge by metre. The network of state buses is good and most places are connected through local buses plying from one place to another at low prices. Despite varied geographical features that include hills, backwaters and cliffs, Kerala has a decent service of railways connecting important towns and cities with each other. Due to the long coastline, boats and ships have been used a means of local transport since old times and the tradition is still alive. In addition to this, Kerala also has three major airports namely, Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut airport where the first to caters to domestic and international flights whereas Calicut caters only to domestic flights.

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