Kerala for Wildlife Enthusiasts

If you have been intrigued by God’s own country and want to explore a different side of Kerala other than the lovely backwaters, then the state has a lot of lovely experiences to offer to you. When you explore travel websites, you will find a lot of experiences that you can curate for the wildlife enthusiast in you. Whenever you plan a trip online, remember to choose the best of wildlife attractions so that you can completely make the best of your experience in Kerala. While picking your list of attractions on your travel website, remember to include the following in your itinerary

Parambikulam Reserve

If you wish to explore the best of Kerala the authentic style, then Parambikulam is definitely the place to visit for you. Right from triba led treks to various camping spots, this reserve has a lot to offer to anybody who wishes to witness a site that is under consideration from UNESCO World Heritage.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

This is the perfect place for bird watchers. It is said that there are about 1200 bird species found in Thattekad. Out of the 1200 bird species, 600 are found in Kerala- 350 regularly frequent the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. There are various rare species that you can find here and you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime as a bird enthusiast.

Eravikulam National Park

If you wish to witness Anamudi, which is the highest peak situated at the south of Himalayas, then Eravikulam National Park is definitely the place for you to visit. There are a lot of species that you can see here which are found only in this area. Enjoy beautiful treks and beautiful hikes in this park and see an amazing side of wildlife in Kerala.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Tholpetty, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely one of the most underestimated wildlife attractions in Kerala. Apart from being a wildlife enthusiast’s ultimate destination, Wayanad lives up to the culture of Kerala with various elephants around the place. You can bathe them and see them in their natural habitat. This sanctuary also has a very interesting story behind it. In the olden times, a famous king Pazhassi Raja- engaged the Britishers in a Guerilla war with the help of tribals. Hence, this place does not only offer you a lovely piece of wilderness but also a lot of interesting history.

Periyar National Park

When you will plan a trip online and look for the best of wildlife attractions in Kerala, then Periyar National Park would top the list for sure. Situated in the Western Ghats which is a World Heritage Site, this park has a 100-year-old artificial lake and has a lot of species which frequent this sanctuary. The best part is that even though Monsoons are not a very popular time to visit Kerala, it is actually simply beautiful at this time of the year where the forests become entirely green and are a sight to behold.

Silent Valley National Park

As the name suggests, if you like to find serenity in wilderness- then Silent Valley National Park is definitely the one attraction you must visit! It is one of the largest biodiversity reserves in Asia. It is perfect for enthusiastic trekkers, nature lovers as well as wildlife researchers. It is also famous because it is said to be the site of exile for Pandavas. The historical and mythological factor, when combined with the abundance of wilderness makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala can always be trusted for the special kind of experiences that it has to offer. Right from the beautiful backwaters to the beaches to amazing food, this state is one of the most coveted travel destinations of India. Now that you know that it is an amazing option even for wildlife enthusiasts, all you need to do is quickly plan a trip to ‘God’s own country’.